Wednesday, December 15, 2010

In Brief

Well, it's not like I have nothing to say about what we're up to, but it's just that I haven't downloaded the pictures off our camera in a while. So, since I have so few, you'll just get a short post today. I did promise not to wait so long, so I thought it would be better to do a short one sooner rather than wait.

So, obviously, it's Christmas time! Which means that my wonderful and lovely wife needs to go borderline insane with decorating frenzy. This year she had a new accomplice - my brother's wife Julie. Together (and with some help from my brother, seen below) they put up all the lights. And before you go wondering why I'm not helping, I'll have you know that I'm opposed to the commercialization of Christmas and protest by refusing to participate in hanging lights. Either that or I'm a giant Grinch. I know which one Bobbie would say.

But really, I was at work, so I missed all the "fun."

And to be honest, if I had more pictures, I doubt I'd post these, but this is from a ladies' meeting that Bobbie went to last week. A cookie swap, actually - these are the aforementioned cookies (and other goodies):

And again, for lack of other options, the boys in Santa hats:

Edit: I felt bad about shortchanging you with this post, so I added this video from back in our trip. I tried to post it before, with no success, but here's Steven showing why he's going to be a world-class alpinist with guidance from our teammate back home, David.

If you're wondering how we're doing, the answer is pretty well. I'm definitely ready to go back home; it's not that I'm not enjoying my time here but it feels a bit like marking time until we can go back now. The boys are thriving under all the spoiling from the grandparents, and Steven is really coming along very well in his speech therapy. He's not quite up to where he should be, but he's miles ahead of where he was when we got here. Kudos to Bobbie for working with him so faithfully at home!

Matthew has visited several different therapists and evaluators now, all of whom have concluded that the initial diagnosis of autism was inaccurate, so we're thankful for that. He's starting to talk a good deal more as well, so it's possible he was just waiting for the example from his older brother!

Edit #2: I just discovered some more photos that I took with my phone. Terrible quality, I know, but still, interesting. I started working a part-time job at Honeybaked Ham recently (yes, the store that sells delicious, if overpriced ham) in the catering department. Mostly I just deliver the food to the businesses that order it for holiday parties, but I can make a mean ham tray as well now.

And I thought I would just show you what a great time we had with some friends last weekend shooting skeet. Who knew that I married one of the great skeet shooters ever? Just look at that form!

Fortunately, I managed to capture one of the few times she actually managed to hit a clay pigeon on video. The rest of the session was, well, not optimal, I think would be the generous way to say it. ;-)