Saturday, March 19, 2011

B's Photo Post

I was looking through our pictures and videos we took in the States and realized there are a lot of them that I wanted to post on this blog but never got around to it. So, since the only news here is that we are continuing our language studies and that J is helping a friend working in his cafe, here are some pictures/videos you can enjoy until our next post:

I love this picture. It combines the two joys in life, Christmas and fishing.

My crazy sister and me.

I was in charge of arranging the cupcakes for J's cousin's wedding. It was about to tumble over (very nerve racking).

This is how we spent one of our evenings with J's family - watching an NC State game. We had a good time (despite them losing).

This is what a plate of food will look like in heaven.

The Thanksgiving table:

This is how I found Matthew one evening. He loves sleeping on the floor.

I entered this in a photo contest on and won! No cash, unfortunately.

In our next post: interesting things. Even if we have to hurt someone to find some.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

We're Home!

... but we have been unpacking and haven't recharged our camera battery yet, so no pictures of home. Instead, I have a few pictures of our time in Moscow to tide you over.

We (or at least I) spent most of our time doing language consulting for the students there, but we did get to have a few "relaxed" evenings catching up with people or just visiting.

And of course, we had to take the chance to hang out with our old Moscow friends. Here's a sampling from our Sunday afternoon get-together:

And that's really about it. We did manage to take a whole bunch of horribly-lit photos of things for some reason, but I won't post any of them. Here's a cute picture of Matthew and little Violet, who seems to like him already! The camera battery is in the charger as we speak so hopefully next week's blog will have more exciting stories to tell.

In news, as I wasn't able to make up the bulk of the blog with photos like I usually do, we are pretty much settled back in. Both Bobbie and I have started meeting with language helpers again, and we're trying to refresh our memories of all the T we misplaced while we were in the US. It's coming back pretty quickly, thankfully.

The boys are doing well, and Steven has started his preschool work with Bobbie every day. He's also continuing his speech therapy, only with us doing it now at home instead of going to an actual therapist. Hopefully this will be able to meet his needs; he certainly seems to chatter quite a bit!

Oh, and we're sad to see our friends David and Christy and their 5 (soon to be 6) kids heading on to the next phase of their lives. We do know that he will be with them as they transition back to Germany.

And that's about it, I think. More pictures of north Asian life as they arrive, and in the meantime, thanks for stopping by.