Friday, August 27, 2010

A Few More Pictures

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Well, after 5 hours of driving in the car, then 4 hours of flying, one week in Moscow, 4 hours flying to London, and finally 8 hours to the East Coast, we are here!

For the most part it was a uneventful trip. The boys did great (I was more fussy than they were). Of course, they had their meltdowns but we got through them and are now are here enjoying comforts, family, and food.

We are trying to catch up on our sleep and get on a better sleeping schedule. It is currently 4:20am here and Steven has been up since 3:00am. Matthew is still sleeping so he is doing well. Steven is sick so his schedule is still messed up (which means my schedule is messed up). That is why I'm not making sense right now - my brain hasn't woken up yet!

Anyway, we got in on Friday and just rested that day but Saturday we stayed pretty busy. Jesse went out looking for a car all day and thinks he has found one. While he did that I stayed busy doing important things like getting my hair cut and shopping :) It was wonderful. My parents stayed busy with the boys all day (thanks mom and dad).
In other news, last night we had a meal that was heavenly: creamed corn, fried okra, roast beef, carrots, cabbage, rolls, gravy, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, and sweet tea. It was like Thanksgiving (there goes my diet). My parent's house is like paradise for the boys: new comforters, all the toys they could ever want, and food, food, food.

So, the plan is to go to the beach tomorrow for a week of vacation thanks to our friend Don who is letting us stay at their house for a week.

Well, I can think of anything else to say. We will keep you updated with what's up with us but for now I need to stop talking. Need sleep. Here are pictures:

My mom showed up with these flowers when picking us up at the airport

My new haircut

Our first meal here:

Thursday, August 5, 2010

More Pictures

Well, we haven't been up to much. Just language study and more language study! We were able to go to a friend's village home for 2 days, so add in a bit of culture exposure, but that's really about it.

I've also been trying to have "school" with Steven every day working with colors, numbers, drawing, and the alphabet. He is the only kid I know who can read but not talk yet. Usually, when we do drawing/coloring he hands me the pencil or crayon because he loves to watch me do it but he won't do it himself (at least that is what I thought). I've never seen him do anything except a few lines and maybe a circle.

One day I went into the kitchen and let him do his coloring by himself. When I had come back I found this (he drew the one on the left, copying the clown we had been using to learn shapes). Although not perfect I was still amazed since I didn't even know he could do anything but scribble. YEAH!

The other news is that we are travelling back to the States soon for a bit. The tax documents we mentioned in the last post were accepted, so we're on schedule. We will be going through Moscow first, where Jesse will be helping out with some language consulting, and then on across the ocean. Steven will have a speech evaluation and then, if we get the go ahead from the therapist, we will take a few weeks to travel and see as many people as we can. So, if you want a visit from us hopefully you'll soon be getting your wish!

Here's some pics of the language study I was talking about earlier. I went in to work with Jesse the other day to take some pictures of him so we could show you. Here's his notebook, with a dialogue he's learning about a conversation at the immigration office:

This is his culture and language helper A. They spend a couple of hours together every morning talking in T.

This is the stolovaya in town (like a cafeteria-style restaurant). It makes Jesse sick every time he eats there, but I love it!

I mentioned that we went out to a nearby village recently to visit a friend. Her grandparents live out there, so she's staying with them for the summer and invited us to come for a weekend. I think the boys aren't quite made for apartment life; when they get out, they have a great (and dirty) time!

My friend's name is M, and you can be thinking about her. She's moving to Moscow soon, unfortunately, so we won't get to see her much, but we still really had a great time getting to know her.

A while ago some foreigners came in to work in this village. They built this giant "yurt" before they left, so we thought we'd get a picture of it. Definitely not something you see every day!

The river there was so beautiful! We tried to get a family picture there, but none of them really turned out. It was a pretty spot, though.

Here's Jesse playing with Steven in their yard. As you can see, most of the yard is a garden; there are potatoes on the right and raspberry bushes on the left.

I think my favorite thing from the time there was the real, fresh, unpasteurized cow's milk! Super delicious!

And that will do it for now. Looking forward to seeing many of you in a few weeks back in the US. Keep your eye out for a post from there in the near future, although we may post from Moscow first as we pass through.