Monday, January 31, 2011

Random Photos from B

More pictures I've been meaning to put up (mostly of our time in the mountains over Christmas).

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Post-Holiday Post

We're going to try something here. Last time we didn't post for a while we just posted a bunch of pictures with the next post and no one complained. Let's experiment by trying that again:

It occurs to me that perhaps the reason no one complained is that there is no way to complain. Without a comment function, the blog offers no recourse for disappointed readers to voice their concerns! Tyranny! We must revol ... message interrupted. This blog is now the possession of The Wandering Family™, and as such we are happy to announce that everything is right with the world and especially this page.

Ahem. So, the picture above is my brother S, in case you didn't recognize him. Along with his wife J (I'm not sure on the protocol on naming them, so I won't), he came into town for a few weeks, which we thoroughly enjoyed. One of the best things about this time in the US has been visiting with family. Speaking of which ...

My parents were also in town for the past couple of months. We went down and lived with them for a short part of that time, but had to say goodbye to them today as they flew back to Bolivia.

We also tried to get a family picture with them, but this is just a preview, as most of you will be getting our new card in the mail in the next few weeks, so I won't post the final picture here. This one will have to do in the meantime.

We did manage one with the whole family (minus my brother Gabriel). Look how cute we all are!

One of the fun things that Bobbie's family does is to rent a cabin in the mountains between Christmas and New Year's, a tradition that had started to fall by the wayside with everyone scattered around the world. However, with us and her twin sister Kellie back, they decided to do it again this year, and we had a great time.

Christmas presents were enjoyed by all.

As was the snow. Well, maybe I should say it was enjoyed by "most," as we see enough of it at home. We did have a good time playing in it, though.

And played indoor games as well, such as "shoot all the cans off the table with a rubber band."

The cabin did offer a spectacular view:

Surprisingly, kids and all, we managed a pretty good family photo with just one try:

We also went to a wedding since last we posted. Congratulations, Daniel and Jessica!

So, I'll leave you with that one of the boys, their cousins, and their great grandmother, who came in from South Carolina for a visit. More ... well, I'm not even going to promise a timeline any more. More whenever we have enough pictures and time to make it doable.