Thursday, May 8, 2014

Happy Easter/Birthday to Matthew

You'd think, after so long with no posts, that this would be a long post, full of extended discourse on what we've been up to.  But I'm too lazy for that, so instead I'll show you some pictures of Matthew's birthday celebration and Easter.  Deal with it.  :)

A functional swing!  Can't tell you how long we've waited for one of these in town, and within walking distance of our apartment, no less!

We celebrated Easter in multiple stages.  First, we went out for shashlyk with some friends.  Then, as seen below, Bobbie hid a few eggs in our living room for the boys to find.  I don't think they associate eggs with Easter, really, but there was candy inside and that was plenty of motivation.

For Matthew's birthday celebration, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and went down to the river to engage in his favorite activity, throwing rocks into the water.

His "big" birthday present was from his aunt Andrea and his Papa (Poppa?  I don't think we ever discussed how this is spelled when talking about grandparent nicknames?) and Grandma - a trampoline!  I think just about every day since he's spent at least a half-hour or so happily bouncing away.  It's a perfect combination of a way to get exercise in a little apartment and a toy.

And that's about it, I guess.  Work is going well, we're producing a ton of shelled pine nuts every month or so now from our factory and slowly but surely it's taking off.  Please continue to lift up the business as well as our relationships and friends here.

I will try in a few weeks to get some photos of our latest adventures with the boys - a garden - onto here.  Until then, thanks for stopping by!