Monday, February 17, 2014

A Siberian Winter with 2 Lively Boys

So, too busy to keep up with this every week, but I did want to post at least a few pictures of the boys' winter.  At times when it's -40 our small apartment can feel like a prison for them, but Bobbie does a good job of varying the activities in an effort to keep them occupied and growing/learning.

Above we engage in a family game of Monopoly (kids' edition), one of their faves.  Below, dressing up for a party at school.

The snowman outfit was actually part of Matthew's Christmas present, so he put it on Christmas morning to open the rest of his presents.

The boys, who both love to help their mommy cook, got a kitchen toy to practice their skills with and a pirate boat-tent thing.

Poppa and Grandma also got in the act, as they skyped in to watch the boys open their presents on Christmas morning.

Gingerbread house master-in-training.

Of course, we have to get outside some, too.  Even when it's -45 like last week, we can still do it, you just have to cut it short after 10-15 minutes or so.

Sledding is one of the only things to do outside when it's that cold, but it's so much fun that I don't think the boys mind much.

Steven has started football training with a bunch of other boys. He goes 3 times/week; he's only just started this so he's catching up to the other boys a bit but he LOVES it.  Matthew will start next year (if he wants, currently he can't wait).

Oh, and we couldn't complete the post without showing you the jackpot we hit a month ago!  It turns out that there was another foreign family living in town, and they had decided to move back to their home country.  We got word through the grapevine that they were looking to sell some of their stuff (and, of course, this being T-land, there aren't a lot of people looking for Pam spray and Ranch powder).  

Well, we were more than happy to take all of it off their hands!  We've been thoroughly enjoying the Oreos, vanilla flavoring, Crisco, etc.  It won't last forever but it makes a nice break from our regular fare.

And that'll do it for today.  Check back soon for more interesting pictures of the pine nut factory, which officially began production on Friday!