Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bobbie's Point of View

Some trips take a bit longer than planned.  This was a 2-hour trip that turned into a 6-hour trip.  If that doesn't teach you to be flexible I don't know what will.
Hello folks - welcome again to our blog!  

The last several posts have been written by Jesse so I thought I would inject one of my own.  This summer has been the busiest for us since we've been here.  Almost every weekend (and some during the week) friends have called us up to take us somewhere (sometimes only giving us 10 minutes to get ready).  Language studies (as in book study and meeting with helpers) have been put on the back burner for now but we are more than making up for it in talking practice.

Just one of many "shashlik" trips we've made.
Everyone knows by now that we have started a pine nut business here and have been working on getting it up and going.  The past few weeks has been a whirlwind but things are getting done faster than we ever thought possible here.  We have only been able to see Jesse for a couple of hours in the evening since he has been gone all day working on the building but the boys and I have kept ourselves busy none the less.  

They both are home all day so I'm trying to do extra homeschooling which they seem to really like.  We've also enjoyed doing a few experiments like seeing what happens when you put a grape in the sun for a few days, or why do we use flour in cake.  One of my favorite ones was when Matthew got cut and he saw his blood.   Being an x-nurse I took the opportunity to explain what happens to the blood and why it stops bleeding after a little while.  The boys can now tell you all about the blood, heart, and platelets (as much as a 5 year old brain can comprehend).

Our experiment to see why we use flour in our cakes.

One of the main things I love out here are the open fields where boys can be boys.

Already trying to impress the girls.
It's been a good time with the boys but I have struggled as well facing my own weakness (temper being the main one).  People think we have it all together out here but I tell you we don't.  We are still humans but one thing that I've learned by being the mother to these wonderful, spirited boys is that I can not do it.  That's right.  I'm not perfect (hopefully you didn't hurt yourself when you fell out of your chair from this shocking news).  The more I struggle with my faults, the more I come to realize the reason we are asked to cast everything on him.  

I'm sharing this with you in case some of you struggle with the same thing.  Having a strong willed child can test you like you've never been tested before.  Are you strong enough to handle it?  I'm not.  I know who is though.  I've been reading the book "The Strong-willed Child" and it has reminded me that unless you are properly centered you will continue to be frustrated (as I have allowed myself to be).  Do I still yell at my sons?  Sometimes.  Do I still make bad decisions when it comes to raising them?  Oh yeah!  Do I lift my family up more because of it?  YES!  And that is why I think I have the sons I have.  I'm excited to see the plans He has for them.  Because of that, I will continue to give them up to the one who made them.  I love you boys so much.  Y'all make me a better person because of who you are.

A trip to the salt lake. 

The boys testing their engineering skills.

Once Matthew found this hole there was no getting him out.  I think he ended up spending around 2 hours in there!