Monday, February 8, 2016

US visit 2015

We travel so much with the boys they have learned to sleep anywhere and in any position.

I took this picture to show our T friends how big the grocery stores are in the US and how small the carts can be.  They love it because they have never seen anything like it.

Steven needed glasses so I let him pick out the ones he liked best.  Once he put them on I was taken aback at the resemblance to Jesse.  You can see it in the comparison (Jesse is on the left and Steven is on the right just in case you can't tell).

One of the things I crave most when I come to the US is Red Lobster.  So many people have tried to "introduce" me to "better" seafood but I always come back to the butter soaked deliciousness of Red Lobster.  Mmmmm.

This is T people's "fine dining".  Mmmm?

 Since there is no dentist here we can see we all get our dental work done in the US.  Matthew had several cavities that had to be fixed.  I want to thank Dr. Dan Howell (http://www.carypediatricdentist.comfor all the work he did for Matthew.  He is such a kind man with an amazing staff.  I tried to make desserts for them as a thank you but it can not compare to everything they did for us.  I'm sure Matthew will thank you one day too. :)

My favorite, most relaxing time for me is when I'm fishing.  The only time I get to do that is when Mr. Greer takes me on his boat, which he always offers to do every time we're in the US.  It's always the highlight of our stay for me.  Thank you Mr. Greer!

 My dream refrigerator.

My cousin graduated from college while we were there and I had the privilege to make her a cake.  Congratulations on everything you have accomplished, Rachel.  Great job!

 Strawberry picking.

Jesse wanted to try a new project with the boys so he decided to try to make each boy a knife.  Here are a few pictures from that.

Until next time!