Thursday, July 10, 2014

Can't Think of an Interesting or Fitting Title

Just, like, "Life," or something, maybe?  Anyway, blogpost title creativity notwithstanding, things are going pretty well at Wandering Family headquarters these days.  Production has paused at the pine nut facility while we try to sort out the sales side of the business, so that's given time to return to language study and things while we wait for all that to be arranged.  (Please lift up sales, by the way; we need to get a few contracts for regular sales soon in order for things to operate smoothly through the fall.)

Anyway, Bobbie has returned to her cake baking as an occasional thing to do to help build relationships and to just enjoy her hobby.  Above is a recent example she made for a friend's wedding, and she already has a deal arranged to do another wedding cake next month.

Below is what really takes up all our time; two active boys!  The summer weather is the perfect time for us to get outside and enjoy the limited months we have where outdoor activities are possible, so we've been doing that as much as we can.  And of course, like for all little boys, a bit of tree climbing is always fun!

I think I may have introduced you to our swing before?  Matthew got a swing for his birthday; the local swingsets are all broken or have parts missing so we take our own rope.  It's really easy, actually - I pre-tied all the ropes so all we have to do is swing them over the swingset, tie one knot and voila! - a functioning swing.  The boys love swinging, and then after a half-hour or so we untie it and take it home (it would definitely get stolen if we left it up).

I haven't taken a picture of the garden in a few weeks so this is when everything was still just coming up, but it's been a pretty decent success.  The iceberg lettuce and chard aren't doing well, but the spinach, salad greens, corn and even okra (much to my surprise, that last one) are doing OK.

I know, to look at me you definitely wouldn't think "That guy probably really likes a leafy green salad" but it's true, I do!  It's probably down to craving it since we don't get any fresh vegetables for a really long time in the winter, and when they're available in the summer I wolf them down whenever I get a chance!  Throw a few radishes and pine nuts in with these fresh greens and it's like heaven.

Sorry I don't have a lot of pictures this month.  Please keep lifting us up, as I mentioned we need to get sales going for the pine nut business very soon, plus we're trying to get back into language study so you can be thinking about that as well.  See you again soon!