Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Turn

Well, J has taken his turn rambling so now it's my turn! I was going to post on Russian fashion and I how I've adapted to it, but I still need to take some pictures so we will save that until next time (hence the recycled image above). For now all I have to report is, well, nothing.

Our Russian teacher comes back on Friday and classes start again on Monday so life will return to normal (at least for us) next Monday. For the present, I am spending my days as any good, old-fashioned housewife should: cleaning, cooking, taking care of children (only this time I'm NOT pregnant).

We have been trying to spend as much time as we can outside since it has been so nice. It's funny because last year I could not understand why everyone wanted to "go for walks" every day. Now I understand that it's because during the winter you don't get out much and those who saw us when we arrived in the States in March know that we needed as much sun as we could get (for those who didn't see us, we were all yellow from lack of sun exposure).

Anyway, we both have been trying to eat healthier and with the added exercise have been losing weight. And let me just say at this time IT'S NOT FAIR! Why do guys have to basically do nothing and lose 20 lbs in a week while we women drink only water and eat only fruits and lose maybe 2 lbs a week? Yet another mystery in the world of women.

Well, if I haven't lost you because of the extreme boringness of the post let me move on to the cute pictures and videos of the boys since that is main reason for the post. A few of these pictures are older ones that I have been meaning to post. Enjoy:

A few cute ones of Matthew. Hopefully this will even out the imbalance of Steven getting his picture put on here a lot more than Matthew.

Steven has taken to my "Hip Hop Abs" exercise routine rather well. Here he's getting in on the act himself!

I got this video this evening while I was doing laundry. Steven had just gotten his bath and decided he wasn't quite ready to be put to bed yet (apologies for the nudity). ;)

And finally, for our Russian friends, I thought I'd post this picture of me back in the US with a bag of ice. They don't really use ice here, so we've been trying to explain how important it is in the South.