Sunday, January 31, 2016

Updated picture blog 2

So, I'm back with more pictures from our time in the US last year.  As I look back on these pictures I'm sitting in our kitchen starring out the window seeing snow and a coal dust cloud hovering over the city and -50 F outside.  You might notice a lot of the pictures depicts beautiful summer weather and greenery. Of course, I have to include food pictures. 

I added this picture so you can see the difference between the playground in the US versus the best playground we have found here in T.  Can you tell which one is from where?

Jesse has a tradition of taking each boy camping every summer.  This is the camping trip he took with Matthew while in the US.  It was so much more expensive to camp here because you have to pay for a campsite and even for firewood.  I think it's better in T-land.

Above is camping in T-land.  The following pictures are in the US:

I took this picture to show friends here in T.  They were amazed at the amount of different doughnuts.  There is only one kind here.

Hiking with the cousins.  Beautiful green.

Matthew had his birthday with his cousins.  It was so awesome to be there!

The kids playing in my brother's front yard.  I miss seeing green grass.

I love this picture.  Matthew loved his cousin and still talks about how much he misses her.